Tongzhi Tsai 同志仔

01 August 2011

Source: DNA Magazine

17 April 2011

Tongzhi Tsai in the Time Out HK Magazine - 16 March 2011

Tongzhi Tsai in the Time Out HK Magazine - 16 March 2011

21 March 2011

Hei Hei is back from Mr Gay World 2011 competition in Manila.

Here is a good reason to get together and raise some more funds for the Tongzhi Tsai Project. Cheers!

17 Feb 2011

Tongzhi Tsai Book Sale!

We are delighted to give away copies of The Memory of a Face (an e-book by Ansh Das) to whoever makes a contribution of HK$25 or above towards the Tongzhi Tsai Project.

Event: Mr Gay HK presents Pink Fridays™ Farewell to Heihei

Venue: Drop (Basement, On Lok Mansion, 39-43 Hollywood Road – entrance on Cochrane Street)

Time: Friday, February 25 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm

About the book

What is love? Is it the craving to be with him or is it the realization that you should let him go? Is it about telling him how he makes you feel or is it about suffering in silence? Is love a compromise? Can it be faked? Can love change over time? Can it last? Can it be forgotten?

Diano lives in the past, hanging on to the memories of his lost love. Oliver is struggling to keep his turbulent relationship going. Andy has never loved anybody except his longtime boyfriend. Summer is waiting for her Prince Charming. Cute is looking for a boyfriend to support his education. Sky is not brave enough to stand up for his love. Thus begins their story.

Set in Hong Kong and China, where the ultra-modern live in a traditional society and struggle to find love, the story shall resonate with anyone who has loved, lost somebody or had to let go.

The book can also be purchased at the following stores (All proceeds will go towards the Tongzhi Tsai Project):

Kindle version: (US) , (UK)

Kindle, ePUB, PDF, LRF, PDB versions: Smashwords

Do buy a copy and support the Tongzhi Tsai Project. Thank You!!

26 Nov 2010

The Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2010 competition was a big success. The Red Dragon costume, a winner of the Best National Costume at Mr. Gay World 2010, was auctioned off (@HK$20000) to raise money for Tongzhi Tsai project.

Mr. Hei Hei Yau, the winner, is the ambassador for Tongzhi Tsai Project. We congratulate him on his win and look forward to working with him.

Here are some news clips covering Mr. Gay Hong Kong 2010


15 Nov 2010

The SCMP City section carried a short article on the Tongzhi Tsai launch event.

11 Nov 2010

Mr Gay Hong Kong® & TCJM Launch “TONGZHI TSAI”

The Campaign Against Homophobic Bullying in Schools

You may well be a carefree individual who enjoys simple pleasures. But do you ever look back at how you got here? Are you haunted by a schoolyard memory – perhaps of having been bullied – because of your sexuality?

The Mr Gay Hong Kong® competition proudly affirms that There’s More Than One Way To Be A Man!®

Whilst the stage competition highlights a finalist’s ability to present himself well, Mr Gay Hong Kong® aims to identify a genuine ambassador throughout a month-long series of activities prior to the Grand Finale. The gay community still grapples with discrimination, which are best addressed by a confident, articulate and sincere spokesperson. It begins with TONGZHI TSAI – The Campaign Against Homophobic Bullying in Schools.

Tolerance for homosexuality is bettering. But in schools, young gay men struggle daily under the pressure of bullying.

This year, Mr Gay Hong Kong® engages your participation. We are recruiting true stories – yours or a friend’s – about homophobic bullying in schools. Your story may be written (500 words or less), illustrated as digital art (in JPEG, GIF or FLASH format), or shot as a movie (2 minutes or less). E-mail your submission to before 22 November 2010, Monday, with your contact number.

The producers of Mr Gay Hong Kong® will select three winning entries which will be published on and publicly presented* at the Grand Finale. The winners will have guaranteed complimentary entry to the Mr Gay Hong Kong® 2010 GRAND FINALE on 26 November, Friday, at HYDE, #1 Lyndhurst Terrace, 2nd Floor, Central, Hong Kong.

Meet & greet the finalists of Mr Gay Hong Kong® 2010 on 12 November, 7pm – 10pm at the LAUNCH of TONGZHI TSAI at Club 97 in Lan Kwai Fong.

The launch is followed by a BAR TOUR to the following spots in NoHo: Time Bar, Stroll Bar & Volume.

For more information, please e-mail or call (852) 9281 2066.

There’s More Than One Way to Be A Man!®

*Contact details will be kept confidential. Identities may remain unrevealed upon request. The producers of Mr Gay Hong Kong® reserve the right to verify facts contained in entries for veracity.

Media Enquiries: Joe Leung, PR Manager • • (852) 9281 2066

About Mr Gay Hong Kong®

Established in 2009 by MAN Asia Productions, the Mr. Gay Hong Kong® pageant is much more than a beauty contest. While physical beauty is part of the consideration, it is a man’s character and personality that make a difference in the selection. The winner or Mr. Gay Hong Kong® assumes ambassadorship of the local gay community for one year and the privilege of representing Hong Kong in the prestigious Mr. Gay World pageant.

As a platform for gay rights and issues, Mr. Gay Hong Kong® has been covered by CNN, USA Today, South China Morning Post, RTHK, HK Magazine, Time Out Hong Kong, and various mainstream media outlets. Mr. Gay Hong Kong® is committed to gay advocacy and to the advancement of the gay agenda in mainstream conversation.



你可能是一個無憂無慮的個人誰喜歡簡單的快樂。 但你曾否有回看你怎麼來到現在的生活?在你的校園的記憶中曾否有被人欺負, 是因為你的性取向?

香港男同志先生選舉 成為成功男士, 不單一個條件!®

雖然香港男同志先生選舉的比賽能力,是盡量表現自己,我們也希望在整個為期一個月的系列活動的總決賽之前找出一個真正的男同志代表。 同性戀群體的歧視仍然存在,這代表了要一個有自信,善於表達,真誠的代言人。 我們與你一起由 同志仔” 開始, 提高關注在學園欺凌同性戀的意識。

現今社會的同性戀的接納已有改善。 但在學校裡,年輕的男同性戀者仍面對每天的欺凌及壓力。

今年,香港男同志先生選舉®邀請您的參與。 我們正在招募的真實故事-你或朋友-關於同性戀的學校欺凌事件。 你的故事可寫(500字以內),用圖畫(以JPEG,GIF或FLASH格式),或拍攝為電影(2分鐘或更少)。 電子郵件您的事件及您的聯絡號碼提交於2010年11月22日,星期一前發送到

香港男同志先生選舉®將選擇三個優勝作品將刊登在 和在總決賽展出。 獲獎者將得到免費進入香港同志先生® 2010 總決賽 11月26日,星期五,在香港中環擺花街1號2樓。

香港男同志先生選舉® 參賽者於2010年11月12日,下午7時-晚10點在蘭桂坊CLUB 97宣傳 同志仔”

這次活動之後, 參賽者巡迴以下酒吧:Time Bar, Stroll Bar & Volume。

欲了解更多詳情,請發電子郵件 或致電(852)9281 2066。

成為成功男士, 不單一個條件!®


傳媒查詢:JOE LEUNG,公關經理• 2066


「香港男同志先生」—一個比選美更加豐富的比賽,由 Man Asia Productions 於二零零九年成立。評判團除了會對參賽者進行外在美評審外, 還針對參加者的個性及形象進行選拔。勝出者將以香港同志界代表的身份, 在未來一年參加「世界同志先生」比賽。

作為一個為同性戀權利和問題平台,「香港男同志先生」®已被包括美國有線電視新聞網,今日美國,南中國早報,香港電台,香港雜誌,超時香港,以及各種主流媒體。 「香港男同志先生」®致力於同志倡導和進步的同志議題主流的聲音。