I am ME 我係我

Video Advocacy Campaign
I AM ME Logo
Project Coordinator: John Erni
Director: Eric Tsang
Coordinators: Grace Law, Connie Cheng

The I AM ME video advocacy project aims to arouse public concern about the bullying of school students because of their sexual orientation and gender identity through the use of individually created videos to inspire confidence and provide support to our viewers. It is also expected to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students in accepting their own identities.

Our goals overlap with the well-known “It Gets Better” Project that has become a worldwide movement, inspiring more than 50,000 user-created videos viewed more than 50 million times, but will be focused on our community in Hong Kong.

The production of the first set of 8 videos has been completed, and they were publicy launched in April 2013, after which the videos will be uploaded to various social media platforms to spread the project’s message worldwide. In the 8 short videos, each of 1-3 minutes long, the following individuals appear:

  • Dr. Chow Yiu Fai, Lyrics writer and educator
  • Mr. Anthony Wong, Pop Celebrity
  • Dr. Hui Po Keung, University professor
  • Mr. Billy Leung, Gay activist
  • Ms. Joanne Leung, Transgender activist
  • Ms. Eman Lam, Pop Celebrity
  • Mr. Ray Chan (“Slowbeat”): Legislator
  • Dr. Choi Po King, University professor

All of the I AM Me videos can be seen here