The Pink Alliance is thrilled with the selection of Hong Kong as the host for the 2022 Gay Games. We look forward to helping in any way possible to make these games the best ever.

These games will bring a lot of money and tourism dollars to our city. When Cleveland hosted the games in 2014, over US$52 million tourism dollars was pumped into the local economy as over 20,000 athletes and supporters poured into the city. Most of the money was generated by the hospitality industry. 

The economic injection is important but the games will also help to bring a wider understanding and acceptance of our community. Big events help to raise awareness about the LGBTIQ community such as Taipei Pride which drew over 123,000 this past weekend. Bringing the games to Hong Kong will spread more awareness in Hong Kong and throughout East Asia.

We want to congratulate the highly-dedicated bid committee and their tireless efforts in bringing the games to Hong Kong and look forward to hosting the world in 2022.

粉紅同盟為香港被選為舉辦「2022同性戀運動會(Gay Games) 」的主場感到異常興奮。我們期望能在各方面給予支持致使這運動會舉辦得有聲有色,使其成為最令人難忘的一屆!