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(March 11, 2016) — The High Court rejected the case of QT, a British lesbian, who has filed a judicial review against the Immigration Department for refusing her dependant visa application.

“The judgment continues the government policy which perpetuates the separation of overseas gay and lesbian couples and intend to come to work in Hong Kong,” said Billy Leung, Vice-chair of the Pink Alliance, “It sends a message to gay and lesbian couples that if you’re gay, you’re not welcome. And this is not the message we want to be giving when you want to attract the brightest talents to Hong Kong.”

Today’s judgment means that couples who intend to contribute to Hong Kong’s economy will have to choose between career development or separation. This discourages overseas talents to come to Hong Kong and goes against the spirit of the Basic Law which guarantees equality before the law.

A 2014 study by the University of Hong Kong found that 74% of Hongkongers supports gay and lesbian couples to have all or some of the rights enjoyed by different-sex couples.

“The Government must move ahead with the time and to review relevant policies to reflect this in order to be able to maintain our ability to attract the brightest and smartest talents,” added Leung.

The Pink Alliance further urges the Government to actively promote equal rights for all and to eliminate discrimination in the society.


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