IDAHOT 國際不再恐同日

What is IDAHOT?

Across the world, in many different social and cultural contexts, homophobic and transphobic violence is being propagated by people who use religious arguments to justify their positions.

But other voices do exist everywhere also within these same religions to object to the use of religions to justify hatred and rejection and sometimes even violence, crimes and bloodshed.

Joint the voices that call upon religious leaders to stop fueling homophobia and transphobia and to act for universal Human Rights for all people.

在世界各地,在不同的社會與文化背景 之下,都有人以宗教的理由合理化他們的立場,去散播恐懼同志及跨性別的暴力。
但另一方面,就在那些相同的宗教當中,亦有有心人站出來反對 利用宗教去合理化仇恨、排擠、暴力、罪案、甚至流血。

This is a non-profit gathering of supports of the IDAHO events in Hong Kong. The link to the global website is right above.

這裡是國際不再恐同日(香 港區集會)支持者的非牟利聚腳點。以上是國際不再恐同日世界網址。

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