Pink Alliance 粉紅同盟

TCJM 同志社區聯席會議

Welcome to the Pink Alliance

The Pink Alliance (aka Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting or TCJM) aims to link tongzhi organizations operating in Hong Kong, to assist them in their work and to provide a network for information in both Chinese and English within the tongzhi community. The TCJM also researches and campaigns on issues of key importance. Tongzhi (同志) is a Chinese word, often translated as ‘comrade’, which refers to people of different sexual orientations and gender identities in the Chinese-speaking world.


Fundraising Historical Walk in Shing Mun Reservoir

Pink Alliance is delighted to announce that the renowned local historian and writer Jason Wordie is generously donating his time to lead a guided walk in Shing Mun Reservoir to raise money for the Pink Alliance. Jason’s walks will be packed with historical information all delivered in a lively and anecdotal way.

Lying For The Lord

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Published in China Daily on May 16th, 2014

by Nigel Collett

Why are Christians who oppose human rights so sneaky? It never ceases to amaze that those who seek to impose Christian morality on the rest of us think it just fine to lie for the lord. Take, for instance, what local fundamentalist and Roman Catholic Christians are doing on the UN’s International Day of Families (annually marked around 15 May). They are going to hold a rally on 18 May called “I Love Parents, I Love Family.’